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Fax Machine Marketing: What You Need To Know

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By James Copper

Many people don’t recognize the fax machine as a marketing tool but, with the wide spread of dislike for telemarketers, many smaller businesses and home-based companies are making use of a technology they most likely already have in their office or house. Flyers, newsletters, advertisements and business cards are being pushed and passed around and thrown out every day, why not try something a little different that customers won’t be so likely to drop into the trash without so much of a glance.

Before starting a fax machine marketing plan, keep in mind that fax broadcasting is indeed legal and try to follow these rules to keep your fax marketing campaign legitimate:

1) Do You Have A Business Relationship?

Were you were given the fax number you’re advertising to voluntarily? This includes anything, such as through your website, a business card or an email or letter with a fax number on it. If so, you have the right to send that business whatever kind of information you’d like, including advertisements.

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2) Is The Number Publicly Advertised?

If a business publishes their fax number in a directory, advertisement or on a website, then they have made that number available for public use and you are free to send their machine your advertisements and unsolicited faxes.

3) Are You Providing A Cost Free Removal Request?

Just like an email, it is your responsibility to provide a cost free way for businesses to opt out of receiving your faxes. You may want to provide a toll free fax or phone number for those who do not want to be contacted by you or even an email address used specifically for removal requests.

Before you start faxing your message, you need to create the perfect pitch to get potential customers interested in your products or services. Ask yourself how your product/service can benefit a customer and why they would buy from you. You can create any number of fliers filled with different information and you can send as many as you like. Send fliers announcing a special or sale you’re having, offering a list of services or products you supply or a flier announcing a grand opening. Let customers know about an event you are hosting, a new product or service or just send out a letter of introduction to your business. The possibilities are endless.

Make your fax all one page and don’t go overboard on images. Make it short and sweet and get right to the point because, like yourself, most business owners don’t have a lot of time to read faxes. Don’t send a fax more than once a month, you don’t want to irritate potential customers and turn them off to your service. Don’t use fancy fonts or pictures, a fax needs to be readable in case some of the original color is lost in the translation. The majority of businesses own a fax machine, so if you’re not fax marketing already, go ahead and get started. You’ll have an edge over the competition and will be able to focus your advertisements on companies you know will be interested in your service.

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How To Pick The Right Staffing Agency

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By Trevor Marshall

Most corporations arrive at a situation when the business owner can no longer carry on with the responsibilities and does not have time to sustain the demands of the business.

At this point, the owners time is no longer sufficient to keep up with the requirements of the industry. Hence, it is crucial that the company should seek the help of staffing agencies.

The Truth about Staffing Agencies

In todays cutthroat social milieu, the expense of attrition, employing, and other personnel and recruitment services are major dilemmas on companies. The rapid changes in the corporate world create stress, that threatens business owners to expedite their recruitment and staffing responsibilities.

Of course, hiring employees on your own can be very tricky. The constant procedure of hiring, posting job vacancies, interviewing, and conducting training can be mind-numbing.

On the other hand, you cannot simply neglect this part of your business because you will definitely need competent people to do the job for you and deliver efficiency in developing the company. This means you need to have people that match your requirements right on target.

For this reason, hiring people through the help of a staffing agency can be of great help. It may be an additional cost for the company, but with the help that you can get, it does not have to be a problem.

Besides, consider the actual hiring and recruiting employees on your won. You might just be surprised at how much your company can spend just for the processing of papers and the interviews.

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Staffing agencies can give you the convenience that you need and still hire people competent enough to do the job for you. These agencies were especially created to meet the growing demands that companies bear regarding hiring the right staff for their workforce.

In spite of this, getting the right staffing agency can also be a problem. Keep in mind that not all staffing agencies were created equal.

For this reason, it is extremely important that you should know the techniques in picking the right staffing agency. This will enable you to hire only the knowledgeable and skilled individuals without having to go through the rigid process of recruitment.

Heres how –

1. Do your homework

Before choosing a particular staffing business, you should fully be aware of the nature of a staffing agency and the things that it can provide you.

As mentioned earlier, not all staffing agencies were created equal. They may differ according to the services that they offer.

2. Choose your targets

Before you start with anything else, it is best that you choose your targets first. Try to look for your forte with a staffing agency that dedicates itself to the same industry you are in.

Statistics show that nearly 90% of the companies that seek the help of staffing agencies that focus on the same field generate better results.

3. Let them know what you want

Before you decide on a particular staffing agency, it is best that you air them your requirements and your needs first. In this way, they can have a clearer picture on whether they can live up to your expectations or not.

For instance, let the staffing agency know that you need a permanent employment so that it can make some necessary arrangements regarding the recruitment process. If they cannot conform to your requirements, you can always choose somebody else.

The key to finding the right staffing agency is to find one that knows the nature of your business. In this way, you can clearly identify the right staffing agency that can match your needs.

4. Try to meet the owner of the staffing agency

In order to locate the best staffing agency in town, try to meet the owner in person. Do not just depend on their agents or the subordinates.

If you really want to do business with them, it is best to talk to the owner. You will be able to get the details straight if you transact with the boss itself.

5. Ask some references

Surely, you are not the only company who needs a staffing agency. To get the right agency, try asking your friends, colleagues, or relatives about their personal choices. Keep in mind that word of mouth is the best advertising strategy and that experience is always the best teacher.

With that in mind, you can now confidently plan your future and start building goals with a new set of competent employees coming your way.

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Article Marketing Guide What Why And How To Succeed.

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Submitted by: Kanaga Siva

Article Marketing has become enormously popular in recent times. Thousands of articles are being submitted everyday to various article directories and article distributors. Unfortunately many of the articles submitted for marketing are sub standard with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and inadequate knowledge of the subject. To cash in and to make the most out of article marketing, it is important that you know what article marketing is all about. Why you should do it and how you can succeed in it.


Article marketing is a practice of writing and posting articles related to your business or products in various article directories. Each article has a resource box where you can submit details of your business, yourself and the URL of your website. In other words this is free advertisement for your business. These articles can also be distributed through article distributors for a fee giving your article increased exposure.


Having understood the meaning of article marketing, it is obvious that you want to know why you should market your articles.

By writing good authoritative articles, you become recognized as an expert in your field.

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If your articles are sincere and educative, you will soon earn the trust of your audience. Once they trust you they will trust your products and services too.

By submitting your articles to various directories and distributors, your articles will get great exposure and soon they will have a viral effect as other webmasters pick up your articles for publishing in their websites.

It is one of smartest ways of creating a number of one way incoming links to your website and thereby increasing your link popularity. Search Engines value these links more than reciprocal links and your site will rank higher in the search engines.

Advertising your product in the media is expensive and does not have a lasting effect whereas your articles will remain for ever.

Good articles always generate a high volume of traffic to the website which in effect means greater sales.

How :

Once you realize the importance of marketing your articles, it makes sense to understand how this can be achieved.

The most important requirement here is that your article should be knowledgeable, display your expertise and be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

However good your article may be, what grabs the attention of someone searching an article directory for topic related articles is the title. So it is absolutely essential that you have a powerful captivating title related to the content.

Place the keyword or keyword phrase in the title, sub headings and in the content of the article in a manner that makes it looks natural and blends with the article. Optimizing the keywords in this manner will help your article to appear high in the search results for the relevant keywords. Additionally wherever possible you should use those keywords as the anchor text for any links in your resource box or in your article.

Have a resource box that is meaningful and captivating. It should have the URL of your website and give a short attractive glimpse of yourself, your business or product.

Next for marketing purposes submit your article to all the leading article directories and the relevant websites that accept articles. Additionally distribute it through one of the leading article distributors for even greater exposure.


By following this guide properly and systematically, you will reap all the benefits of article marketing and succeed where many others have failed.

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Media And Pr Quotes: Ze Ev Jabotinsky, Michael Wolff &Amp; Malcolm X By Ronn Torossian

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Ronn Torossian

Ze ev Jabotinsky, a great Jewish leader had the following great quote: A newspaper is a grand thing, Jabotinsky wrote in 1932. There is no labor of higher worth than that of the journalist, whether he writes instructional articles or reports on a robbery that took place yesterday in the slums. Like the function of the blood circulating through the body, or like the function of commerce in the international market, so is the function of journalism in the realm of the spirit Who were the first to teach us to always interfere in matters that are not ours, to judge people and nations, even though we were never chosen for the position of judge? The work of the publicist is a legacy from the Prophets of Israel Our passion is to speak, to proclaim Shouting is what the same audience calls it, we have no need for words, give us actions. One thing that audience forgets is that speech is also an action Perhaps the most authentic of all other actions. Cities have been destroyed, and more will fall, but what was shouted in the wilderness thousands of years ago is alive and still relevant. The world was created by the Word. The world will be mended by the Article. Ze ev Jabotinsky was a journalist who published many articles and books.

Publicity geniuses are different from you and me. They have the stomach for it. This temperamental combination of imperviousness and egomania that allows them, compels them, to dominate the media . . . means, too, that they dominate reality, that s their world and we just . . . well you know. Michael Wolff, writing in Vanity Fair

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The public relations warriors fought and lost Monte Carlo s Battle of the Magazine Covers. John Vinocur

The media s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. Malcolm X

I love quotes and found these on media and public relations to be thought provoking and interesting.

Ronn Torossian is the Founder, President and CEO of New York-based 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR firms in the US

Ronn Torossian

has overseen the rapid growth and expansion of the PR agency to the Inc. 500 list, as well as provided counsel to hundreds of companies, including members of the Fortune 500, Inc. 500 and Forbes 400.

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