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Salwar Kameez Add A Touch Of Class To Indian Women

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Salwar Kameez Add a Touch of Class to Indian Women


Oeble Swan

Importance of salwar kameez, Indian clothing, is known to all. It is very commonly worn by Indian women for years. Proof of its popularity is imprints it has left in the annals of Indian history. This three piece outfit, despite being very old, has set its place. Instead of going out of fashion it keeps evolving. Many stages are seen in the development process of this traditional outfit. And surely in future also it will keep adding a touch of class to Indian women with its new forms.

In salwar kameez, a salwar is a pyjama, which is drawn tightly at the waist with a string. Salwar comes in many styles. Churidars is its most popular form. They are tight and make churis at ankles. The kameez is the upper part worn over the salwar. Its third part is dupatta. It is worn above the kameez. Salwar kameez is known by many other names also, like, salwar suit, shalwar kameez, churidars kurta, kameez pyjama, and so on.

Today the look of salwar kameez has completely changed. This traditional attire has changed to contemporary style. Though, its three parts are still the same but change has come in styles, designs and silhouettes. They are very much different from the traditional salwar kameez in fashion and design. Long kameez has changed to short and also it has become trendy and fancier. Salwars has also modified from baggies ones to straight cuts, bell bottom and churidars. This modified form of salwar suit represents what s going latest in trend. And trendsetters are celebrities, models and actresses, who by wearing unique salwar kameez, made by couturiers, flaunt style. Women greatly get influence with them and follow same in their clothing too. They can be best defined as a blend of the best of Indian traditions with a modern flavor.

YouTube Preview Image

Contemporary salwar kameez is largely a fashion amongst college going girls and fashion conscious women. They always look for trendy styles. Modern salwar suits are available in all fabrics, ranging from chiffon, cotton, silk, satin, georgette, etc. in all. In colors also, they show great versatility. Red, maroon, pink, orange, blue, purple, gold, gray, etc. all make a cool collection of contemporary outfits. Various styles, contemporary shalwar suit comprises of are, short, long, bold designs, dense embroidery, high collar neckline, V neckline, plunging neckline, halter neck, one shoulder neckline, double straps, etc.

This is about contemporary salwar kameez. But, they have many other forms also. The bridal salwar kameez is one of them. It comes in different fabrics and styles. Silk and brocade are the best fabrics for them. Bridal suits are generally heavily embroidered. Zardosi, zari, gold thread, appliqu , mirror work, patch work, dabka, etc. are the embellishments used for decking them. But mostly gold thread zardosi embroidery is seen in bridal suits.

Salwar kameez is worn during wedding and festive occasion. They are also donned casually. For every occasion, from wedding to office to parties to casual wearing to religious place, for all places this attire is just perfect.

Make a grand entrance in this rich and luxurious outfit, which is also a combination of elegance and comfort, and leave a lasting impression. Bride-Pride.Com is one of the most popular online shopping websites for Indian Clothing for women that include

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Front Porch Design, Planning &Amp; Building In The Uk

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By Chris Tailby

So, you’re thinking about adding a new Porch to your home and looking for the best advice and designs? Congratulations! Keep reading, all will be revealed.

There are many great reasons to add a new Porch to your home. You may have not considered them all. Here are the main ones:

You want to improve the visual entrance to your home, internally and externally.

Increase the value of your home.

Create more space and more light.

Provide your home with the added security of a second door.

Cut energy bills – keep warmth in.

Some people have found additional uses too as Porches can make great storage areas for shoes, coats and in some cases even tropical plants!

Do I Need Porch Planning Permission ?

It’s the most frequently asked question so here’s the answer:

The majority of Porches built in the UK do not require planning permission as they fall into the category of ‘Permitted Development’ – Providing that:

The ground area of the new Porch does not exceed 3 Square Metres.

The height does not exceed 3 Metres above ground level.

YouTube Preview Image

No part of a Front Porch is closer than 2 Metres to any highway.

The building of your new Porch does not encroach on or over your neighbours property.

Your home is not a listed building or within a conservation area.

These are the general guidelines although I would recommend that you seek clarification with your local planning department.

If you are looking to have a new Porch built within the Midlands or Milton Keynes, feel free to get in touch with us at with any questions. Our qualified designers are always on hand to help with any questions on planning and design.

Designing The Ideal Porch For Your Home

Designing the perfect porch for your home is easy when you know how. Many get this crucial bit wrong though. Even the most conscientious of home- owners with the best intentions can get this wrong.

I recently spoke to one of our best designers about this very issue and he provided me with these excellent tips:

Firstly, the new front Porch should compliment the existing home.

Of course, everybody knows this but getting this part right is the most important part of the designers job. Do this right and you could easily gain more value to a home than the cost of the Porch itself.

The size of the Porch shouldn’t be too big as to dominate the front of the house or project forward of the bay.

When considering the Porch roof, take a look at your home’s style, roof and age. If you have large gabled two story bay windows, a pitched roof will look far better than a flat roof. (A pitched roof is a term for roofs which look like upside down V’s)

Flat Porch roofs are better placed on flat fronted homes where the roofs run flat and straight across the front of your home. It might seem straight forward but start looking around and you’ll see homes with pitched roofs and bay windows with flat roof Porches extending fully along to the bay – Most feel that this detracts from the house’s potential.

If you have protruding bay windows, never look to extend it to form an enclosed Porch. There are other more appealing designs to go for regardless of the shape of your bay. You’ll be looking to bring appeal to your home and that of the neighbourhood.

The materials used to build the Porch should depend on the existing house and Porches can come fully glazed using timber or UPVC or half glazed using brickwork, timber or UPVC. Porches often have more glazing than masonry.

All new brickwork should match the existing house using the same bond and mortar. Existing house style, windows, doors and brickwork are all considered by our designers to create the perfect match and balance.

The finishing touch is the right door to complete your Porch.

Building A Porch – Terms


Where the roof overhangs the house wall

Bond And Mortar

Method or pattern of laying bricks together with the particular bedding material used between the bricks.

Soldier Course

This is a continuous straight line of upright brickwork.

Door Canopies

Is a roof over a front door, sometimes supported by posts.

Stepped Houses

Where a part of the house is built further forward than another.

Recessed Doorways

Where the front door sits further back than the rest of the houses front wall, normally with a roof or a protruding first floor room above.

Pitched Roof

Where a roof forms the shape of an upside down V.

Halls Adjoining Houses

Is a pair of attached houses where the front doors are next to each other.

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Hard Water Treatment Methods; Science Of Magic?

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Hard Water Treatment Methods; Science Of Magic?


Thomas Pretty

Hard water is defined as water with a high mineral content. Of these minerals calcium is the largest constituent of hard water while magnesium and other bicarbonates are also included. Calcium typically enters the water supply in the form of limestone or chalk; while hard water is not harmful for human consumption, it can be damaging to pipes and other appliances such as washing machines and kettles. Normally people’s region defines whether their property will be susceptible to hard water, for those who wish to discount the effects of high mineral water there are a variety of treatment methods available that will soften the supply.

All households and commercial properties use water, it is generally understood that none of this water is pure. The major issue with impurity is hardness, as previously stated this is normally measured by the amount of dissolved minerals in the liquid. These minerals possess positively charged ions but these are balanced by the presence of anions (ions that are negative). The harness ions are the cause of two fundamental problems.

In many cases mineral presence reacts with soaps forming the familiar scum ring around the bathtub. The more serious effect however is that calcium and magnesium react with pipes and adhere to the surface of these pipes. This is commonly termed as lime scale and can impede the flow of water in pipes causing catastrophic damage in appliances such as boilers and heating systems. Thankfully there are treatment options that will limit the build up of lime scale.

YouTube Preview Image

The majority of hard water treatment devices rely on a process termed as ion exchange. This process replaces the harness ions with sodium and chloride ions, more commonly known as salt. These ions are loosely attached to a secondary resin that aids the reaction, in scientific circles this material is labelled as the zeolite; in most cases these zeolites are manufactured artificially but they do occur in nature. The salts used must be replenished from time to time as the bonded positively charged ions to the negative salt ions must be flushed away to remain effective.

Most experts agree that this is the major drawback in this form of hard water treatment, as the waste is flushed away the salts enter the drainage system and soils, causing detrimental effects to the environment. The problem is so bad that some regional bodies prohibit the use of these systems unless a specialist waste method is used to dispose of the spent brine.

There are other treatment methods however, so much so that a lucrative industry has built up producing new technology to soften water. However with such a growth in companies there are now unscrupulous operators out there who tout their systems as a cheaper, chemical free treatment with proven results.

However this is a misnomer, many of these treatment methods have not been scientifically verified, and the processes involved in some cases operate outside of the known laws of chemistry. These companies rather than relying upon authoritative proof instead rely upon anecdotal evidence for proof. Some of these treatments include the use of magnetic and electromagnetic principles and while these have been validated anecdotally as a means of treating hard water, no bona fide evidence actually exists. For the consumer it is important to remain sceptical about wonder methods with little or no scientific proof.

It is hoped that this article has raised the issues surrounding the treatment of highly mineralised water. Understandably it is important to treat these liquids as the detrimental effects on piping and appliances are great; but relying on wonder methods with no scientific backing is a troublesome and unadvisable path to follow.

Science expert Thomas Pretty looks into

hard water treatment

methods, both scientifically and anecdotally proven.

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Converting Gif File Into Dwg

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Converting GIF file into DWG


Laxmi Singh

When you think of converting GIF file into DWG, one question might struck to your mind. Why do we need this? Here, this article might help you to understand this in better way. There was a time when images were drawn on paper only and later a time came when images were made and saved in computers. This gave freedom to draw the images easily and then once the image was made it could deliver infinite number of copies through printer. But, change is the law of life and therefore, the technology had to keep change with the demand of advancement in the software.

The images were drawn in the computer into some particular formats like GIF, JPG, JPEG, PDF etc. Images in these formats are called raster images but they have some limitations. These limitations include the need to edit the image, increasing the resolution, creating different layers of the same image so that everything can be explained in separate layer etc.

As the time passed, a need to remove these limitations occurred and a new technology called Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) came to rescue. CAD technology helped to convert these raster images into vector images i.e. into DWG format which is the native of this technology. This format allowed to overcome these limitations and to take those pictures into new arena where they could enjoy the benefits of new technology. The benefits that can be availed through format conversion are:

Desired Changes Can Be Made

YouTube Preview Image

When it comes to make changes, raster format does not allow making any changes in the image. If it is required then the whole drawing has to be made again. This limitation created a requirement to get a technology which let the user to edit the drawing when it is required without having to redraw the whole picture.

Creating Many Layers of Same Drawing

Now, the drawings can be seen into different layers. These layers allow one to view different features of the drawings separately. For instance, the text and drawings can be seen separately. If the blue print of the building is drawn then the electric fixtures, plumbing fixtures, doors and windows could be seen into different layers to understand the blueprint in better way.

Resolution can be increased as required

One more problem was being faced by people with the raster format is that the resolution of the pictures could not be increased, since they went blurred when the resolution was increased. It translates into that every nook and cranny of more complex drawings could not be seen, as this could help to demonstrate the image in better way. But, DWG format helps to avoid this problem.

Files are easy to keep safe for longer duration

Files in DWG format require less space as compared to GIF and therefore, they can be kept safe easily and that too for longer duration. Moreover, this helps them to transport easily through internet from one computer to another. Otherwise, heavy files cannot be downloaded or uploaded easily on internet.

All these developed features of DWG format create a necessity to convert GIF files into DWG files. Those who want to take the benefits of new technology will surely give a second though to the

format conversion

of their existing files.

Author is professional content writer and has expertise to write articles, press release and other content especially about Computer Software like CAD Services and

Format conversion


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Corporate Performance Training Can Forecast High Performance Leadership

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Submitted by: David Shoemaker I.

In an uncertain economy, a high performance leadership certificate coupled with corporate performance training can help your business dominate the market. Times have changed; leaders are no longer able to make corporate decisions without first accounting for change. Leaders must now take into account both business and organizational demands, as well as employees potential, in order to meet the desired outcomes. It is, therefore, also necessary to engage your employees in corporate performance training, which will help assess their progress toward achieving predetermined goals.

A high performance leadership certificate can help leaders analyze the industry in which they operate. As a leader, you will be able to determine opportunities, as well as the potential risks involved. It is important to take into account macro economic, social, and technological landscapes that could potentially benefit or harm your business. For example, managers in the fur industry were definitely impacted by organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This was a social change that decreased sales and had a negative impact on many organizations brand images.

YouTube Preview Image

In order to achieve high performance, employees must operate at peak performance through compliance with organizational demands. Managers must be proactive in responding to problems with valuable feedback and constructive assessment. This will allow managers to assign projects and tasks based upon employees ability to perform these tasks correctly and most efficiently. Many times, managers will find that certain employees dislike doing certain tasks which causes these tasks to be done poorly or neglected. On the other hand, if an employee enjoys performing a particular task, the result is a well thought out project. Leaders must keep these preferences in mind when assigning tasks and projects to different employees. Through keeping employees motivated in the workplace, overall job performance will also improve thoroughly.

In order to perform at a high rate level, employee work ethic must be improved with help from corporate performance training. This training will allow managers to assess employee s progress toward achieving predetermined goals. Once employees understand how their performance will directly impact the business, they will realize how to make individual improvements. Managers must first establish goals and objectives for their employees and then coach employees on how to perform the tasks. Once the job is completed, managers are encouraged to give them feedback to use in improving performance. It is also important to document the performance of each employee, which will make it easier when it comes time to review and provide feedback.

With a high performance leadership certificate, company leaders will learn how to properly operate in an uncertain environment. Leaders must understand the opportunities and risks of the industry in which they operate. As a manager, strategic options must remain available to use and enforce during environmental shifts. They need to understand the needs of both their organization and employees. Through corporate performance training, leaders will learn how to aid and support employees in achieving company goals and objectives. This will boost the organization and leave both managers and employees confident for the future.

About the Author: David Shoemaker is Vice President of Learning Solutions and Innovation at eCornell. For more information on

high performance leadership


corporate performance training

, or eCornell, please visit


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The Seven Liabilities In Pond Liner Construction

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The Seven Liabilities in Pond Liner Construction




A Case In Point Mr. and Mrs. McDowell of San Diego, CA contracted with a local pond liner construction company and paid them $255.000.00 to construct a pond and waterfall in the front yard of their $14,000,000.00 home. In less than 6 months from the completion date of the project, the pond started losing well over 150 gallons of water per day.

The contractor was informed of the situation and responded immediately by arriving at their home to inspect the


The contractor walked up the hill, inspecting the waterfall very carefully and then back down the opposite side and without hesitation, exclaimed that they had an infestation of rats and gophers living under the waterfall portion and had chewed holes in the liner. The owners instantaneous response was,…and?, to which he retorted, \”…didn\’t you read the small print in your contract?…that the liner was only covered for factory defects in the liner, not for holes chewed by rodents.

Now, for the rest of the story… The \”fit to be tied\” McDowells hires a second liner company to come and patch the leaks for the sum of $75,000.00. Because the liner had many two ton to 5 ton boulders sitting on it than were put in place by a 50 ton crane, there was no way to check every square inch of the liner so these pond liner construction experts spent two weeks painting around the base of every rock in the waterfall with Thoroseal, which not only looked ugly, but the falls were leaking worse than before within less than 6 weeks.

The second company was down the road with their $75,000 with the same flimsy excuse that they couldn\’t guarantee the gophers wouldn\’t come back! The Owners sued the original contractor and won on the grounds He did not disclose all of the potential pitfall associated with the rubber liner.

Liabilities Associated With Pond Liner Construction:

YouTube Preview Image

1. Regardless of what the contractor may think, he is subject to a libel suit if he does not correct any leaks in the pond liner, if resulting from anything other than by the fault of the customer. In most cases, if a liner leak is discovered early on, before the escaping water can cause any damage, there is unlikely to be any major consequences. However, it is a common practice in the industry for less than reputable contractors or pond builders without a license, to simply add an auto fill device in order to solve the leaking water problem. As a result, the client is oblivious to the fact their pond is leaking because the auto fill float is restoring the lost water, resulting in an ongoing saturation of the surrounding area.

2. There is a high probability that a liner will suffer a leak within the first two to 12 months as a result of poor craftsmanship, improper installation or simply from the heavy weight of the rocks puncturing the liner.

More than 33% of all waterfalls have serious structural damage within 3 years of its construction. 57% of homeowners say they\’re rather unsatisfied with the way their waterfall turned out- when the project was completed.

Nearly 1 in 3 waterfalls and ponds are leaking within 9 months of completion.

27% of all outdoor waterfalls and ponds have pumps that are mismatched for their applications, creating unnecessary expenses later on..

63% of \”do-it-yourselfers\” said they wish they had the proper information from the beginning or they wished they had hired a professional.

3. Due to the nature of the liner, it is next to impossible to find a leak without removing all of the rock from the waterfall and pond, which may be cost prohibitive, resulting in many pond liner contractors simply not addressing the situation. The result will be a law suit, bankruptcy, or a bad blemish on the pond liner industry. If the auto fill is turned off and the pond is allowed to leak, the water level will eventually settle out at the exact location of the leak. If the waterfall is turned off and the water level does not change, the conclusion is that it is the waterfall that is leaking, not the pond. This process quickly determines the general location of the liner leak.

4. Many times, a liner failure due to rats, mice, gophers, ground squirrels, chipmunks, etc., may affect the surrounding areas, resulting in water damage to property. Flood damage to a neighbor\’s property can result in the undermining of the house s foundation footings or cracked patios and flooded basements.

The greatest drawback to filling your pond with a garden hose is the frequency of overflows and flooding associated with getting preoccupied with other tasks and forgetting to turn off the hose. \”Water damage and homeowner policies can be a volatile issue in many says Don Griffin of the National Association of Independent Insurers, a trade association for property-casualty insurers. Swimming pool, pond, spa and hot tub overflow is one of the top ten causes for home water damage claims with many insurance companies. Chief among the cause of overflowed pools, spas and hot tubs is forgetting to turn off the hose when filling, or malfunctioning mechanical float control systems. These are nothing more than common toilet tank floats (Fluidmaster) which often malfunction and will not shut off as they were designed to, resulting in an overflow and possible lawsuits from neighbors.

5. Unlike concrete and rebar ponds, using mortar to secure the rock to the concrete shell pond liners are often covered with loose rocks and boulder, since it is difficult to cement rocks to rubber liners. This condition sets up a serious liability from the injury of children and or adults climbing on loose boulders, resulting from injury or even drowning.

6. Since liners need to be cut to facilitate bottom drains and skimmers, the chance of leaks are increased from the additional loss of the watertight integrity of the liner.

7. Since liners are prone to failure from so many causes, the exorbitant cost of maintenance and repairs can become insurmountable. Leak problems alone have resulted in the failure of many pond liner businesses.

In summary, to reduce misunderstanding about the integrity of pond liners and the possibility of the customer being accidentally misled by the degree of liners reliability, a disclaimer should be added to protect the pond liner contractor from liability. It should state clearly that the warranty only covers factory defects in the liner.

In addition, the disclaimer should point out that the liner is subject to developing leaks from gnawing rodents such as mice and rats, as well as ground squirrels, gophers, chipmunks, claws from dogs, raccoons etc. Also, punctures may result from sharp objects, including heavy boulders sitting on the liner. It should also be noted to the client that even though a concrete and rebar pond costs about 20% more, it will last many years, even decades longer than a liner pond. Besides adding this disclaimer to the contract, you should also read it to them.

Furthermore, even though it may cost an arm and a leg to find and repair certain leaks, doing so is better than ending up with a lawsuit or irate customer. \”Don\’t bail out, patch the hole.\”

Don\’t be opposed to offering your customers a waterfall and pond constructed with rebar and concrete, then you won\’t need to ever worry about patching holes. If they say no, at least you informed them of the best alternative.

Douglas C. Hoover, Master Waterfall Builder, engineer, freelance writer, author, designer & builder of over 2,000 waterfall and ponds in CA (30 years). Author of Waterfall and Pond Construction Manual, was $49.00 in bookstores, now $14.95 e-book.

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control system for ponds, pools, fountains & spas.

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Grand Canyon Tours Everyone Can Enjoy

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Submitted by: Frank Denber

Are you planning to visit the Grand Canyon? Then you are going to want to consider adding an activity or two to your list of things to do. Day trips range from helicopter rides to 1-day rafting tours and all are guaranteed to make your stay at the National Park a memorable one.

Most Popular Park

The Grand Canyon is the second-most visited national park in the U. S. Each year, nearly 5 million people come to enjoy its majestic splendor. Most of these travelers come during the summer months, and many arrive from such starting points like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, AZ.

Helicopter tours are a traveler favorite. Flights depart from Las Vegas and Tusayan, AZ, the gateway to the South Rim. Vegas helicopters only go to the West Rim. That’s because the South Rim is too far for them to fly direct. Tusayan helicopters only do the South Rim and are not permitted to fly below the rim.

On the topic of landing tours, these kinds of tours are only out of Vegas. The most popular lets you fly to the bottom for a picnic. This particular trip can be extended to include a boat ride down the Colorado River. There’s also a trip that lands on the top of the rim and comes with tickets to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

YouTube Preview Image

Rafting Trips

The rafting tours that I recommend are 1-day and feature no white water rapids. These tours are more commonly known as “smooth-water rafting” and “float tours.” I like these trips because they are affordable and can be done by kids as young as 4 years of age. They’re also great for active seniors and groups.

The South Rim has two such rafting trips. The basic one is bus/raft. It departs from Tusayan and goes to the base of Glen Canyon Dam where all 19-passenger pontoon rafts are docked. There you’ll embark on a 15-mile rafting adventure that includes spectacular Horseshoe Bend.

The deluxe version of the 1-day float tour starts with an airplane ride from Tusayan to Page. Then you hop a Jeep and do a 4×4 tour of Antelope Canyon (a/k/a slot canyons). Then you go to the Dam, board a raft and set course down the Colorado River to historic Lee’s Ferry.

There are number of excellent bus tours that go from Las Vegas to the West Rim and the South Rim of the National Park. The most popular one is the South Rim trip. It lasts a full day and includes up to 2.5 hours inside the Park. Free hotel shuttle service and lunch are included.

Bus Tours

West Rim bus tours are an equally great value and come with many side trips. Travelers are hooked on the package that includes access to the Skywalk. Then there’s the one that includes a helicopter ride to the bottom with a boat ride down the Colorado. To my mind, there’s something for everyone when it comes to bus rides form Vegas.

Of course, Grand Canyon tours are popular, with helicopter rides in particular selling out. If you want to make sure you get seats on any of these fine trips (including airplane tours), I recommend you book them at least a week in advance.

Lastly, make sure you purchase your tour on the Internet on a secure website. I recommend the Web because that’s where the best tour deals are to be had. I understand how exciting it is to get a great price, but always remember to complete your transaction online — it’s the only surefire way to lock in special Web-only pricing.

About the Author: Going to the Grand Canyon this summer? Consider

taking a tour

. For the lowest prices on the best trips, definitely start here first:



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WordPress Templates Spice Up The Life Of Your Blog

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Submitted by: Sam Beatson

WordPress is probably the most used publishing or blogging software these days. It is totally free to download and this is one of the major reasons of its popularity. Organizations, be it a small, medium or large, need the blog facility in their website as blogging is a crucial part of the promotional activities of the organizational websites.

Previously these organizations had to go for expensive online publishing software which used to consume a lot of time and money and these old publishing software did not have the facility of auto up gradation. But by the introduction of WordPress now you can sit back and relax as the management tool of WordPress called the word press auto installer upgrades the software whenever there is a new version available. It s really a great feature as installing word press auto installer is very easy.

There is no monthly charge or installation charge as this software is free to download and is really proving to be a very useful tool for individuals and also by different organizations. Previously they had to upgrade their publishing software regularly which used to cost them lots of time and also cost but word press auto installer has a built in artificial intelligence feature which automatically download the latest version.

YouTube Preview Image

Now that you know how to start using the blogging software, you just need to know what the available benefits are that can be used to improve the quality and appearance of the blogs. This is where the free WordPress templates come into the frame. An informative and interactive blog with good search engines ranking needs some alteration with its looks. The professional approach of the blog ensures huge popularity of this publication.

Once you have created your blog, you should decorate it nicely which on the other hand will improve the looks of your website and as the reputation of your business is involved; so it s a must thing to do. A decorated website also attracts lots of traffic so it is very important to garnish your WordPress website. You must be thinking that decorating your WordPress blog will cost you a hefty amount. But you are wrong as using templates is absolutely free with WordPress.

There are plenty of websites which have some really beautiful collection of templates using which you can add a touch of art to your blogs. These templates are really eye-catching and are superb in graphic quality. Some of the most popular downloaded templates of WordPress are royal blue and wedding rose templates. These templates have sidebars as well which make the looks more articulate.

Before choosing any template make sure that it suits the nature and purpose of your website; so select wisely as the wrong template will create an erroneous impression of your organization. Templates are available in different categories which include for personal usage and business purpose. Under business templates, there are further subdivisions like if you own a flower shop, then templates of flower shop is available and also if you have a corporate business like an architecture firm then you will find required templates for your business.

So go ahead and choose the best template for your website and see your business flourish in the coming days.

About the Author: Alex Popoulos is a code, web designer and wordpress template specialist. He has created the only

wordpresspopup plugin

which will work with any

wordpress template

. See

for details.


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Hilot: An Alternative Medicine Treatment

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By Ryan Kaufman

Alternative medicine has risen so quickly in popularity that many forms of alternative medicine treatments have been brought into the spotlight. The alternative medicine massage treatment is among these.

Massage is a great way to relax the body and take away the stress and problems of the day. The more common reasons that people get an alternative medicine massage is to rid their body of kinks and to feel refreshed afterwards.

The History of Hilot

Hilot as an alternative medicine massage originated from the Philippines. There are several varieties of this kind of alternative medicine massage. It has been a useful way of treating so many things from the flu to sprains and even dislocations. It is embedded in the culture of the country and there are, up to this very day, a few people who practice this type of alternative medicine massage.

YouTube Preview Image

The mang-hihilot or masseuse tends to guard their secrets methods of kneading and herbs that this is now uncommon to get a person who is skilled at it. Due to the close guarding of the trade secrets of the masseuse, they only teach their close relatives this art of alternative medicine massage in order to keep the family line going. It is uncommon today to actually have a Hilot that is performed by someone with ancient heritage.

Hilot goes as far back as the 5th century in the tribes of the Filipino people. It is unfortunate to note that there are no written facts or documents regarding the exact ways of this alternative medicine massage. What has been handed down from generation to generation of mang-hihilot contains variations added or subtracted by the current masseuse.

Uses Of This Alternative Medicine Massage

The hilot type of massage is often used to alleviate aches and pains due to overwork or stress. It is also common for a hilot masseuse to attend to a pregnant woman during birth or to change the position of the baby.

Other hilot massages also help to ease the pain of a sprain or a dislocation. These massages can be painful therefore the person giving the hilot usually asks the individual to chew on some leaves or to take a brew which can alleviate pain. Although the pain can be very intense to begin with, many claim that the medicinal value in the future fare outweighs the temporary discomfort of the treatment.

This form of alternative medicine massage is very effective especially for the stress related aches and pains. Many of todays clients of hilot massages are doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and real estate brokers. These high stress jobs require a release of stress and many have found that massage is the perfect way.

It is typically done with the accompaniment of virgin coconut oil to rub or knead at the muscles. After a hilot session, you are usually warned not to bathe for approximately twenty four hours. This is because the special oils used in the hilot session are rumored to only work if given enough time to soak in though the skin.

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