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Tremec Tko 5 Speeds Choosing The Right One}

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Tremec TKO 5-Speeds – Choosing The Right One


Keith Farren

So you have decided the advantages that the TKO five speed provides are worth the expense and effort. Now, the question is which one is the best match for your car? Do you want the extra deep first gear in the TKO500, or would the closer gear spacing of the TKO600 be a better match for your combination? Should you opt for the 0.82 overdrive ratio in the TKO600 instead of the 0.64? If you have a Ford, which input shaft do you need?

The first determining factor when choosing a TKO is going to be your engine’s power output. Keep in mind that transmissions are rated for torque, not horsepower. The peak horsepower number doesn’t really matter much, it is torque that breaks things! The TKO500 is rated for 500 lb.-ft. of torque, and the TKO600 is rated at 600 lb.-ft. Even though both TKOs will stand up to considerably more torque than they are rated for, you still need to keep the torque capacity rating in mind.

The second thing you need to consider is your rear axle ratio. The general rule of thumb, with exceptions, is that most vehicles with a rear gear in the high twos or low threes (2.73, 3.08, 3.23, 3.36, etc.) will be a good candidate for the TKO500. The low 3.27:1 first gear in the TKO500 will give you much better off the line acceleration than a typical four speed, and help compensate for the “highway gear” in the rear axle. Anything with an axle ratio in the high threes and up (3.73, 3.90, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, etc.) would be better suited to the TKO600. With a rear axle ratio of 3.73:1 or higher (numerically), your car doesn’t need as much “help” off the line as the numerically lower axle ratios do, and the slightly taller overdrive of the TKO600 with the 0.64 fifth gear will lower your highway RPM a little bit more than the 0.68:1 that is in the TKO-500. If you have an axle ratio in the mid-threes, (3.42, 3.50, 3.55 you could go with either one, and the right choice will depend on the third and fourth factors.

The third factor you need to look at is your rear tire size. If you have a really tall rear tire, the reduction in effective gear ratio that the tire provides needs to be taken into account. A tire that is 26-27″ tall is considered fairly normal for a muscle car. If you are running 30″ tall Mickey Thompsons, however, your tire height will make a 3.73:1 rear axle ratio perform more like a 3.25:1 axle ratio would with a 26″ tall tire!

The fourth thing to consider is your engine’s temperament, along with your driving habits. Do you have a relatively mild engine that is happy when cruising at 2000 RPM, or is your engine more high-strung and doesn’t really start to run cleanly until you hit 2800 RPM? Do you frequently drive long distances on the interstate at 75 MPH, or do you stick to secondary roads where you rarely go more than 60 MPH? It is very possible to get too much overdrive, and end up with a car that you can’t put into fifth gear unless you are running at least 80 MPH because at lower speeds the overdrive drops your engine RPM too much. That is when the TKO600 with the 0.82 overdrive may be the best choice. Many people who participate in road racing prefer the TKO600 with the 0.82 overdrive, because it keeps their engine in its powerband on a road course in fifth gear, and the 0.64:1 ratio would lower their RPM too much.

The last question to answer only applies to Ford owners. There are four different input shaft patterns available for the TKO in a Ford: 10 spline and 26 spline, short or long. The TKO500 is available with either a 10-spline Ford pattern input shaft or a 26-spline GM pattern input shaft. The TKO600 is only available with the stronger 26-spline GM pattern. For the input shaft length, basically you need to know what size and year engine you have, and what depth your bellhousing is. Ford has used several different bellhousing depths over the years, and there are more variations than I have room to get into here. Most Tremec distributors can help you determine what input shaft you need if you have the above information.

When choosing a TKO that is right for your car, you need to consider your engine’s torque output, your rear axle ratio, your tire size, your engine’s temperament, and your normal cruising speed. If you have a Ford, you will need to know the engine size and year, as well as the bellhousing depth. Once you understand how all these work together, you are ready to choose the transmission that suits your needs the best. For more information on TKO specifications, options, and the benefits of an overdrive, take a look at my other articles in this series.

Keisler Engineering has a really useful tool on their website called a Speed Analyzer. You can type in the tire size printed on your sidewall (i.e. 235/60-15), choose an engine RPM that you want to cruise at on the highway, and then you can see what MPH that combination will yield with your axle ratio. If you play with different tire sizes, you can see how much difference a tall tire makes, and make sure that you are choosing a TKO that will keep your engine happy on the highway. Give Keisler Engineering a call at (865) 609-8187 for more information on TKO transmissions and what it takes to install one in your muscle car or street rod.

If muscle cars and street rods are your thing, you will be interested in my pages on

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Keith Farren is an ASE Master Tech with over 20 years experience in the auto industry.

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Tremec TKO 5-Speeds – Choosing The Right One



Tips For Buying A Cheap Car

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Tips for buying a cheap car


Jessica Thomson

The automobile industry has taken a significant place in the market. This is mainly due to the huge demand of the cars. The cars are no more an object of luxury but have become necessity to many. The distances have become small and it has stopped becoming hindrance to many of the business. The cars have become an essential part of communication. The huge demand of the cars has brought many manufacturers to the market. Although the supply of the cars has also gone high but the prices of the cars are generally soaring high, which often stops the general public with moderate or poor economic health to buy a car. Thus to make the car available to all the quarters of the society there are processes that makes the car available at a very cheap price. Apart from the used car and the seized

Car Auction

there are methods through which one can obtain the brand new car at a cheaper price. There are some simple practices if done helps a great deal to get a better price for the car. These steps require the buyer to be cautious while making purchase of the car.

Checking the insurance rates

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Some of the aspects of the insurance rates can be regulated while some of the aspects cannot be regulated. Thus while making purchase of the car one must take care of those aspects through which the price of the car can be regulated. For this matter the buyer can seek expert legal assistance. This helps a lot to manage exactly how to approach the process of a href=””>Car Auction. There are other aspects which cannot be regulated so one must not bother much about these aspects of the insurance rates.

Best time to buy a car

The buyer must always look out for the best time to buy a car. The best time to buy a car is the time when the rates of the car are at its lowest. Some times the old models of the cars are being sold off at disposable rates. For this one has to keep constant watch on the market. The time the prices of the cars are low one should go for it.

Effective car loans

One must always opt for care loans which are not heavy on pocket. The loan papers must not signed twice to avoid any kind of scam.

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Car Auction

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Get Support For New Cars Buy From Best Team

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Submitted by: Euro DB

Since, when have you been planning to have a look at new cars to buy one? Didn t you decide to overlook to sell your used car if you had a good deal coming your way to buy a new car? Weren t you looking to get your preferred new brand car? How about all the cost saving from fuel efficiency of the new car you were planning to achieve?

Choosing a new car deal whether a new sedan or SUV is a difficult task if you want a preferred brand. You value its improved efficient services and advantages. Your preferred consideration seldom allows you to settle for less than what you want about your new car. Markets seldom work on sentiments attached by the buyer and are ruled by functional utility value of prided brand new cars.

The seller wants to provide the best value to new car buyers. They want to maximize marginal utility value of the new car. Most buyers of new cars have a preferred brand which they want to settle for, and the mix of added value they expect to get from their buy. For example, fuel efficiency, interior comfort, functional utility and performance hold high for most buyers who want a new car. Another set of considerations that holds light for new car buyers is the exterior design and value of easy long-term upkeep of the car.

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In most of the buying and selling decisions done, the decision between the buying and the next could have sold or bought is on a scale of 1-5. Making choices on buying new brand cars are challenging and at times the decision taken could your run you into a new risk. But decisions taken with inherent risk are taken the best if the decision it is taken based on a well-informed premises.

With more car sellers and buyers getting on the internet, dealers for new cars are finding it easier to advertise new and preferred brand cars on for shoppers. The 24 x 7 access helps them to be at the disposal of buyers online. Moreover online buyers also prefer the net to understand and to decide on their buys. Multiple sources of information ensures authentication of the required information.

Whether, you are a private owner who wants to buy a new preferred brand car or a dealer who wants to advertise the arrival and availability of the latest innovative product in the market to buyers of new cars, an online cars buy/sell portal works in favour of the customer and seller. Most informed buyers are logging online to buy new cars and sign deals for their preferred brand car needs.

Most online cars buy/sell portals provide you beyond what you just need to buy a new car. Price is not one of the considerations. The portals provide technical and financial support in helping buyers of new cars take a decision. You can ask questions pertinent to performance of new cars and get answered, or get comfortably financed.

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Evolutions Of Retailer Door And Window Security Grilles

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Evolutions of Retailer Door and Window Security Grilles


Tom Miller

Skipping past the window bar era (though some are still in that stage), we get to scissor gates and large overhead rolling doors with chain gears, both with padlocks. These early gates were made of steel and required annual painting, until the hinges were so paint bound, people gave up painting them anymore and then the rust set in. Well, 100 years later, these gates are still in use-protecting buildings that probably don t have much value inside to steal anyway.

While pull across scissor gates are still used today, they are usually on the outside of a storefront-sending a message to current and potential customers that this area is unsafe. A retailer s investment today is to too great to alienate future customers. Retailers work hard and spend an enormous amount promoting and advertising their business.

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Window security grilles

don t have to send a message of fear. Modern window security gates are typically mounted to the inside of the storefront glazing and utilize rolling grilles housed into a small box housing mounted near the ceiling. Manufacturers like QMI (Itasca, IL) have very small diameter roll ups, thus their small box housings are typically only 7 or 8 in size.

During the store hours, these security grilles roll up into these boxes and disappear. Then, upon the store closing, the

rolling grilles

are manually pulled, manually cranked, or motor lowered into protection. The QMI grilles are offered in perforated, links, slat cut outs, or using clear polycarbonate to enable vision into the store. Not only will passing customers be able to see what the store sells, window signage won t be blocked either. Police love the vision window security grilles as they can see into the store as well and wouldn t have to walk into the store blind should an alarm ever sound.

Why install on the inside of the store and not the outside you ask? Shutters on the outside are vulnerable for extended attack from a would-be burglar without any alarm sounding or time pressure. Criminals want to get in and out of a store in 2 minutes or less. They know if they break the glass, the alarm goes off and the clock is ticking. If they have to attempt to bypass the door or window security grilles after breaking the glass, they know it will take too long. For this reason, the best point of modern storefront security grilles is to not have them attacked at all. One of QMI s retailers noted that after protecting nearly 1,000 storefronts, the stores with shutters had almost zero ATTEMPTED break-ins.

QMI was established in 1986 by the Miller family. With more than 20 years in the business, QMI has earned its reputation as one of the nation s top suppliers of high-quality security shutters. As experts in

counter shutter

, storefront security gates, commercial shutters and

window guards

, QMI has installation network throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. QMI also distribute solid shutter parts to other manufacturers throughout North America.

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Are Women Attracted To Men In Expensive Cars?

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By Jacqueline Star

A lot of men are under the impression that women are naturally attracted to the type of vehicle a guy drives. A lot of studies have also shown that women tend to be more attracted to men who drive luxury cars instead of old beaten up ones. From personal observation, people in general tend to look twice at a nice car, not just women. It’s hard not to notice when a Ferrari pulls up right next to you. For those who insist that the right car is crucial when trying to attract women, here are our top picks.

The first car on our list is the XK from Jaguar. This British classic is worldly, sophisticated, fast and darn powerful. Due to its good looks the XK is bound to catch admiring and envious looks from everyone on the street. It’s a sports car so you would expect this vehicle to boast a ton of power and this car sure does. Drivers who demand performance will truly enjoy the engine the XK offers; a eight cylinder engine with 385 hp. This auto hits the 60mph mark in a mere 5.2 seconds. The 2010 sports a contemporary cabin with aluminum accents throughout for a classy feel. The XK is priced around the $74k range for the base model.

Next is a car, no a truck for the manliest of all men and that title belongs to the Ford F150. Few cars are as tough and hard working as the F150; this workhorse can tow from 5500 lbs all the way up to 11300 if you decide to purchase the maximum trailer tow package. This full sized pick up has been America’s best-selling truck for years and it’s versatile enough to perform heavy duty hauling while being comfortable enough to drive to work. The base V6 engine puts out an impressive 302 hp while those who crave more power can select the 3.5 Liter Ecoboost V6 with 365 HP. Despite its tough and rugged exterior, this car emphasizes comfort and it’s all soft and sweet on the inside. This car is perfect for the rugged and tough all-American guy who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and will appeal to the woman who likes her man tough and powerful, just like the F150.

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Most people would probably be surprised to find the Honda Accord third on our list. Hey, it’s practical, versatile, functional and no-nonsense. A man who drives an Accord is most likely a truly confident guy with no need for flashy and expensive toys in order to impress anyone; his car is just for driving from one point to another. The base model comes with a V4 engine with an output of 190 hp while offering excellent fuel economy at 23 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the freeway. MSRP starts around the mid $20k range. Driving an Accord shows women that the owner is prudent when it comes to financially and would rather invest his money than purchase a flashy and expensive auto.

In the end, the only person you need to impress is yourself. If you are a no nonsense type of guy then opt for the Accord and if you need a vehicle that can tow get the F150. If you can afford it, then sure, why not get the XF?! The point is that you should drive the car that best suits your lifestyle and budget. Don’t let women influence what type of car you drive. Simply drive what you want.

About the Author: Written by Lindsay Dior. For the Accord visit

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. Bartow Ford has plenty of F150’s at

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Transmission Repair Tools And Equipment Basics

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Transmission Repair Tools and Equipment Basics



Transmission repair is not something that happens regularly. Usually, this part of the engine does well as long as it is maintained well and properly. Caring for the automobile is something that owners should do regularly in order for it to run well. This particular part of the vehicle houses the gears which coordinate with each other with precision in order to produce a controlled power output that makes the automobile run. There are many different kinds, named after how many gears are present in the gearbox. Usually, there are four to five gears but some vehicles have more or less. Transmission repair becomes necessary when certain components of this aspect of the vehicle come loose or come apart. There are instances when the damage to the engine does not affect it in such a way that it does not run; in most cases, when something comes loose, the effect becomes apparent over time. This means that initially, it may not be not be noticeable but eventually, it will manifest itself through strange noises, leaking oil and eventually a car that does not function.


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One of the basic tools that is often used to fix an engine is the wrench. There are many different kinds which vary depending on their design. Two common ones are the open and closed wrenches. Both, as well as others kinds of wrenches, are used to loosen and tighten the variety of nuts and bolts that are used to hold together the gearbox and the engine. It is not only bolts and nuts that are loosened and tightened by these tools. Other parts of the engine and the smaller components can also be removed or placed back using wrenches.

The wrench can also give way to the torque in loosening and tightening the various nuts and bolts during transmission repair. The torque converter can be used to loosen bolts and components that are basically difficult to loosen with just brute force and a wrench.


A jack, is also one of the tools used during transmission repair. It serves as a stand and at the same time lifts up the engine or a side of the vehicle to allow the mechanic better access. A heavier automobile should be supplied with a bigger jack to lift up even just one side of it. Some jacks can serve as the stand itself but many mechanics prefer to insert a stand when the desired height is achieved since the hydraulics in the jack might give way or the release button might be accidentally hit. Some service garages used a lifter to actually lift out the entire engine from the vehicle to give the mechanic a better view with less risk of going under the heavy car. In the case of transmission repair, it is the front of the vehicle that needs to be lifted up by the jack.

These are just the basic tools and equipment that are very useful to have for fixing the engine. There are other more specific tools that can be used depending on specific repairs that may be done to the transmission.

Learn about the many tools and approaches for car repair used by a

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Transmission Repair Tools and Equipment Basics