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Tips On How To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

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By Janet Martin

Every bride wants her wedding to be spectacular. She wants the catering to be magnificent, the decorations to be wonderful, the flowers to be adorable and, of course, the wedding dress and makeup to be simply breathtaking. In order to achieve this dream wedding, the bride needs to devote sleepless nights and endless hours for planning and preparations. However, stress and too much work which can last up to the night before the wedding itself can really put strain on the skin and face of any woman. As a result, many brides look less than perfect because of pimples sprouting, dry skin flaking, and even fine lines suddenly appearing on their wedding day.

If you want to look simply gorgeous on your special day, you need all the help you can get. Here are some important pieces of advice from experts to help you cope with skin and beauty problems you might encounter on the day of your wedding:

Plan Ahead

The only way you can be stress free on your wedding day is if you carefully planned for the occasion for several months prior. If you want to get married in June, you need to start your preparations in January or even earlier. You can use planners and books that have step-by-step guide on what you need to accomplish to make your big day successful and stress-free.

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Ask The Pros

Let’s face it, not everybody can afford having their make up done by professionals. If you are one of those who are brave enough to do their own makeup, you need to refresh your makeup skills for the big day. You would not want to wear your office makeup on your trip to the altar.

You don’t have to spend for makeup seminars or workshop because you can have makeup lessons for free. Just visit the cosmetic counters of your favorite makeup brands in department stores and consult with their specialists who are also trained to help provide every individual’s cosmetic needs. Some may even give you a free makeover and teach some tricks of the trade.

Don’t Turn Yourself Into A Clown

Your wedding day is not a time for experimentation. If you haven’t tried wearing bright blue eye shadow with green sparkly highlights, do not attempt to do so during the big day. Although wearing too much makeup and loud colors will really make you the center of attention on your wedding day, make sure that people will look at you not because you appear like a clown. For example, you may want to wear bright lipstick because a pale or neutral color will not look flattering on photos.

Prep Up Your Skin

In order to achieve a smooth and supple skin on your wedding day, you need to start taking care of your face and body for several months before the big day. Body scrubbing twice a month and a nightly ritual of applying lotion and cream will really help make your body soft, smooth and irresistible on your special day.

A facial once a month, for at least three months, is a must for every bride. A deep cleansing facial will help get rid of deep-seated dirt and grime, and also slough off dead skin cells so you will look glowing and rosy. You also need to start using a moisturizer that targets your skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and large pores. Find a moisturizer that will help get rid of all these problems months or weeks before your wedding.

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Why French Manicure Can Make You Look Simply Perfect

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By Laureen J. Chris

If you are wondering what makes French manicure dear to people especially to women from all walks of life, here’s the article that will help you understand the reasons. It is obvious that women have the fancy for beauty. You can see this in the way that women of all ages dress-up wear make-up and maintain a hair style. But what is in a French manicure that has won the fancy of the women nowadays? The following are some features of a French manicure that may entice you to try having one on your nails.

— Neutral. If you want to play safe it is possible that you will go for something that is marked as conventional. If you are a simple person you may go for neutral lipstick and plain make-up base. That will give you a plain appearance and yet highlight some beautiful aspects of your face. This is what happens to your nails if you apply French manicure. It will highlight the beautiful fingers that you have. It will not take away the attraction of your soft and tender palms. On the contrary it will create a soft appearance that will make you look vulnerable, feminine and classic.

— Feminine colors. Isn’t it fantastic to feel look so delicate in pink? That’s exactly what French manicure can give you. The expert beautician on your chosen beauty salon will most likely suggest a color that will match your skin tone. If he or she assessed that you will look pretty in pink, take the suggestion from the expert and enjoy the supple look on your fingers. Most girls prefer pink color since it highlights their white complexion. But there are also women who prefer the color of pink though their skin tone is brown or black. This pink color perfectly matches any complexion and instantly transforms a rigid face into a soft and lovable figure.

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If you feel elegant why not try beige as a base for your nails? You will definitely have a sultry appearance if that’s the way you carry the color. Wear a beige or white satin dress and flaunt that beautiful skin of yours perfectly matched with a French manicure. For sure it will make you look more attractive than what you appeared before without the seductive beige base French manicure.

— White tip. The white nail polish carefully painted on the tip of your nail is the one that gave the name, ‘French manicure.’ It is not detailed how people truly came up with such name although there were many talks posted about it. However, the name itself is not the issue but the effect it has on your nails. Regardless of your age, you will actually look better than your last birthday.

Can you still recall the last time you painted a make-up on your face? Did it cost you too much foundation just to cover the wrinkles or some skin imperfections? Why not try the age-defying French manicure? It will make you look young and feel young.

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The Lia Sophia Jewelry Possibility

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The Lia Sophia Jewelry Possibility



Lia Sophia was conceptualized about 30 years ago by Victor Kiam and was managed by the Kiam family until today. The beginnings of this jewelry line occurred with Victor s dream of establishing a business that won’t only function as a heritage to his family but may also inspire and help others recognize their business dreams. Today, the corporation is supervised by Victor s son, Tory and together with him is the whole family facilitating with every facet of the business s success. Because they’re geared to helping others too, they presented money-making business opportunities to individuals who would like to sell their products or be involved in direct sales and earn money as well as incentives in return.

The Lia Sophia team continues to give great home based business to people, motivating them to become private business owners and attain financial stability. With today s ever tightening economy, everyone is finding methods to gain extra income that will allow them to live decently and support the family s needs, not forgetting the self value of building one s own business. While there are plenty of other money-making business opportunities out there, Lia Sophia continues to become a great choice, especially for moms. This is for the fact that jewelries tend to be more about women. Catering to women s needs with regards to accessories and fashion can really be financially rewarding. That’s why an increasing number of women are seeing Lia Sophia as a good opportunity for business selling and make an income.

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Lia Sophia merchandise is mindfully created and created to satisfy the ever demanding needs of customers. Ellen, Victor s wife and daughters and also granddaughters are hands-on in insuring the design of jewelry is exceptional. There are fundamentally two high-end line of Lia Sophia jewelry and these are the Kiam Family Collection and Red Carpet Collections. The first is the foremost line of the company which is monitored by Ellen Kiam herself. These collections spell out elegance, intricacy, and cutting-edge designs. Seasonal lines are offered twice a year and interested customers of the Family Signature Collection as well as the Midnight Collections are available all year round.

The Red Carpet Collections, on the other hand, is supervised by Tory s wife, Elena. As the word implies, it is a popular jewelry line worn by celebrities and other known much talked about individuals. Also, it is famously used by fashion experts from all over the world. The collection is refreshed about 4 times a year. It highlights unique pieces like Lia Sophia necklace, Lia Sophia Empress, and all other designs.

The nice thing about Lia Sophia Jewelry is they assure life time replacement. They are confident enough about the excellence of each of their released jewelry piece that is why they are giving this rare replacement conditions. So in case you are interested in buying Lia Sophia jewelries or is interested in becoming a direct sales jewelry dealer, you sure will find the company s offer a great deal. Browse through Lia Sophia line of exquisite products or know the terms and conditions in becoming a direct seller.

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How To Identify Antique Belle Epoch Jewelry 1900 1910

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By Chris Cosby

The production and designs of early 20 th century jewelry was heavily influenced by an incredibly wealthy class of society and the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Increased demand, production and sale of Edwardian platinum diamond jewelry in the first decade of the century resulted from great prosperity amongst the very wealthy class. Elegant, lacy white diamond jewelry would become a necessity at social and sporting events. However, at the outbreak of wars, jewelry production and sales would begin to rapidly decline. Attendance at social and sporting events would rapidly decline so jewelry owners would chose to put their jewelry in storage or might even sell it for survival. As a result of the war efforts, precious metals usage would be restricted, forbidden in certain countries or might be donated to help finance the war efforts. With the war in place many black outs would be required. The low demand and the black outs would almost cause jewelry production to cease. Jewelry manufacturers would often close their shop to join the war.

New jewelry designs in the first decade of the 1900s would be inspired by 18th century Georgian and Art Nouveau jewelry designs. Much like today, jewelry designers would be encouraged to review older period jewelry designs and study 18th century building designs. This time in jewelry design would later be referred to as the Edwardian Jewelry Period. This period would be named after King Edward VII, though he was only on the throne from 1901 to 1910. Edwards extreme passion for fine jewelry would have a strong effect on jewelry styles before, during and after his time on the throne. Edwardian jewelry would have attributes that were more delicate and lighter in appearance. Jewelry from this period would have softer, romantic motifs of double hearts, hearts, floral designs, tassels, ribbon bows, lace, swags, foliate wreaths and garlands. Edwardian jewelry would be monochromatic. Most designs would use white diamonds, white pearls and platinum.

Platinum was used more frequently to make jewelry of the early 1900s. The white, non-tarnishing qualities of platinum helped diamonds appear whiter and brighter. The pure strength of platinum allowed for jewelry pieces to weigh less and to have finer, more defined design lines. The rigidness of platinum enabled craftsmen to cut the metal with piercing saws that would create openwork filigree that appeared light and lace like. This type of filigree is often called knife-edge. Platinum would be used to create the fine beaded accents, called mille grain, which would be manually applied to the jewelry piece. Diamonds would be mounted in a in a band wrapped around the stone which is called collet style. The French government would not recognize platinum as a precious metal until 1912, which is when they would use a dogs head to hallmark to identify the metal.

Jewelry designers would be inspired to create jewelry that matched the top fashion designers of the period. Top fashion houses would design dresses in delicate, soft flowing fabrics. Colors were predominately all-white or designed in pale pastel colors. Lace was a frequent embellishment. Ladies high fashion styles were created with high necklines and long flowing, skirts.

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Though this jewelry period is often referred to as the Edwardian Jewelry many influences would come from French fashion designers and French Jewelry Designers such as Cartier. Though covering a longer period, this period of jewelry is also referred to as the Belle Epoch (beautiful era) Jewelry Period.

The early 1900s emphasis on diamond usage would lead to enhanced diamond cutting tools and the creation of new diamond cuts. The improved diamond machinery would lead to the creation of emerald-cut, marquise or naivet cut and baguette cuts.

For a touch of color, enamel might be added to Edwardian jewelry. A small use of colored gemstones might include blue sapphires, turquoise, rubies, demantoid garnets or opals.

Jewelry collections might include a sautoir (long necklaces) seed pearl necklaces terminating with seed pearl tassels, brooches with lacy filigree accented with white diamonds, knife-cut platinum filigree diamond wedding rings, lacy diamond and pearl platinum cocktail rings, lavallires, earrings and diamond tiaras.

How to Identify Antique Jewelry 1900 – 1910

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