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A Brief Overview Of Custom Jewelery Design Process}

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A Brief Overview Of Custom Jewelery Design Process


Harout Markarian

Custom Jewelry Design Los Angeles is a mix of complexity and enjoyment for even the most experienced and expert craftsmen. Not every jewelry store has a master of custom jewelry design work. It is due to the hard work put in by the team of designers and jewelers that customers can wear something distinctive they only imagined to wear till few days ago.This article is composed with intention to shed a light on the custom design process of the award-winner jewelry store in Los Angeles for the information of readers who are curious to know about it. Read on to find more about it.

Custom Design Process

Custom Jewelry designers work in tandem with their customers to design and develop a striking and unique design that is so unmistakably yours. The design they came up with reflects your imagination as well as budget because designers know it very well that they have to deliver the best custom jewelry within your budget. Custom design specialists are skilled in their trade and they can help you bring your inspiration to life by combining latest design technology with unflinching commitment and dedication towards fineness and functionality.However, this process can take some time for completion depending on the project.


Jewelry designing specialists will sit you with an take your ideas, drawings, images, and add a bit of their creativity to create a design concept.In case you don’t have any idea in mind, the master craftsmen at the award-winning jewelry store in Los Angeles have the talent, expertise, and knowledge to transform your vision into reality by combining latest technology with traditional craftsmanship.In addition, the staff of GIA Graduate Gemologists can help you with choosing perfect conflict-free diamonds and luxurious gemstones.


The process of Custom Jewelry Design Los Angeles also includes working with recycled and recyclable materials to contribute to the noble cause of conserving our invaluable natural resources.Environment safe and conscious materials and practices are implemented in throughout this process for your custom design.

CAD/WAX Models

Once your design concept has completed its final stage and an order is placed, designers and craftsmen will create a handcarved wax or computerized model which can be viewed from multiple angles.These images will be sent to seek your approval or any modifications which you may want to be implemented to your design.

Approval and Finished Piece

Once you give final approval to the proposed concept and design,production team casts your dream shape and design in the recycled luxurious metal of your choice.Expert craftsmen then meticulously set the gemstone of your choice.Your marvellous, intricate, beautifully finished jewelry piece will then undergo a quality test by Quality Assurance Team to ensure that it meets high quality standards set by the jewelry store. Your ordered jewelry set is ready to be picked up or shipped at your address in eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled for further use.

Coming to conclusion, the complex process of a custom design jewelry is made simple using state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship of skilled and expert jewelers. Gold ‘N I

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